Tamworth weather

 Latitude N 52° 38' 52"    Longitude W 01° 41' 23"    Elevation 84 m

Records began on 31 January 2011.
Weather Station
Davis 6162C Vantage Pro2 Plus with daytime FARS using Cumulus v1.9.4.1099 software.  
Fine Offset WH1081 sold by Maplins as N96FY from 31 January 2011 to 4 January 2012  
ASUS Eee PC 701SD series netbook computer    
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz   
No. of processors  
Operating System Windows 8 x64 build 9200   
RAM 821/3062 MB (free/total)   
HDD allocated to Cumulus 99.61 MB   
HDD Free Space 40.46 GB   
HDD Size 92.35 GB   
Cumulus running time since 1099 software upload 3 days 19 hours   
Computer running time since last Microsoft XP update restart 3 days 19 hours   
Data uploaded to:
AWEKAS www.awekas.at   
CWOP www.wxqa.com/   
i-ICCP www.iiccp.co.uk   
Met Office WOW wow.metoffice.gov.uk   
PWS www.pwsweather.com   
Weather Underground www.wunderground.com   
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